In the name of clarity…. how to recycle


Here at Enity we don’t just say we are concerned about the planet or environmentally conscious because it’s what everyone else is doing or it makes us look good… we genuinely care. We have one planet, with no back up plan and we can either use our actions to do good or to cause damage. Therefore, it has been really important for us to make sure tha

Therefore making sure everything that we do is the best option we can choose for our planet has been really important to us. So in the name of clarity, we want to help you to make sure you know the best way to continue caring for the environment once you receive our products. Call us silly but I do not know how many times we have been told something is recyclable or environmentally friendly, yet I don’t know what to do with it once it arrives. So let’s go through this step by step:

MaterialHow to recycle
BottleGlassThese can be recycled together. Rinse the jar and replace the lid. You can either put it in your recycling at home or may have to take it to a recycling location. To check for your area go to: The lids will then get removed and sorted during the recycling process.
Bottle LidMetal^ Same as above
delivery box
100% recycled materialDegradeable; Recyclable with your home recycling; Re-usuable as you wish
kraft tape
Kraft paper100% recyclable with the eco-friendly delivery box
Eco-friendly filla
packing paper
Recycled paperBiodegradeable; Recyclable with your home recycling; Re-usuable as you wish

We work with a packaging supplier who plants a tree for every order, helping to reduce our carbon footprint along with yours.