New Year, Same you…..


With New Year just around the corner, the thoughts of health overhauls and new year resolutions start popping up. Here at Enity we prefer to focus on what makes you feel good, rather than extreme resolutions or measures. This focus applies all year to be honest, and involves balanced and sustainable approaches, looking at a variety of areas of our lives- food, sleep, exercise etc. So we feel at this time of the year it is about the smaller changes that can grow and add up.

So we prefer the idea of being driven to feel our best and be the best we can be, each individually. No extreme crash diets or idolising unrealistic body forms. We believe in everyday greatness, people making the best choices they can for themselves and doing what works best for them. We believe in breaking your own records and goals, watching your own growth and improvement. We all have to start somewhere and that is different for each of us. 

We like the idea of achievable goals- otherwise, really what is the point. This may be starting with smaller changes, but if you can maintain them, over time they really do add up. This is the same notion that goes with any kind of training, it is the day in day out activity and care that results in being able to complete the race or break the personal record. 

So rather than looking at what you can’t do or what you shouldn’t have, we like a positive outlook. What can you do to help you feel better? Maybe it is a case of eating more fruit and vegetables, which we think is a great way to help feel better. If you’re stuck, have a look at Deliciously Ella’s app, not only does it allow you to track your fruit and veggie intake, along with water and other things, it gives you great recipes to find tasty ways to get in those fruits and vegetables. Or maybe you want to get active everyday, whether it is walking, running or cycling. Red January is a great starting point for any exercise goal, and whatever you do- the research is there, it helps improve your mood. As someone who broke their foot in 2020, I did not know when or how to get back into my running, through Red January I got outside everyday- be it walking or running, and now I am fully back at it and I love it!

This idea of balance certainly applies to food. I do not believe anyone needs to strictly neglect any food group, avoiding foods if you have allergies or intolerances makes sense, however I have found if one cuts out certain food groups, the desire for it only grows. Inevitably, any extreme diet is unsustainable and so it should be- we can have whatever we want but in balance and moderation. Our bodies rely on different foods to perform different tasks within our body- we need the variation. Being guided by what feels best for my body, allows me to have that sweet treat or pizza whenever I want, however I also love my green smoothie packed with vegetables to kick start each day. 

So try to take the compassionate approach, working on what makes you feel better, rather than the harsh and extreme goals that often feel punishing. New Year, same you, just feeling better!

So what changes can you look at making to make you feel stronger and healthier?